Friday the 13th Villians Party at Hollywood Studios A.K.A. Crowd-a-Palooza

Welcome to another edition of the Doin’ it Disney CP Fall 2013 blog.  That’s right, I typed out the full official name this time around.  Cause this blog post means serious business, and by serious business I mean that it contains the same amount of business as all the rest of the blog posts I have. 

**Blog to be posted tonight, stay tuned folks**


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2013: IN SEPTEMBER!

Hello boys and girls, and welcome to yet another edition of the Doin’ it Disney blog.  Now free of trans-fats.  Today’s blog post is entirely dedicated to my roommate and I’s grand adventure through the 2013 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  It was both of our first times doing the event, and overall it was pretty good.  I definitely enjoyed myself, and consumed more sugar than a human being should be consuming on a night in September, but that’s besides the point.  Ladies and gents, let’s get to it.

So my roommate and I had been talking ever since we moved in about how we were both going to do Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  It was just one of those things that had become a mutual understanding, so naturally, when we noticed that both of us had Tuesday, September 10th off, we knew the decision was made for us.  Yes, granted it’s September, but hey…who knows when corresponding days off will ever happen again. Granted I’m sure there will be a day in October in which we both have exactly the same day off again, but you can never be so sure with such risky things.  Regardless, we both opted to go, bought our cheapened 40 dollar tickets for the event at Company D, and headed off towards our spooky, Halloweeny adventures…in September.  

So, we hopped aboard the Transtar bus heading to the West Clock stops and the Polynesian.  However, being the intelligent men that my roommate and I are, opted to get off at the Polynesian, which is located right next to the Ticket Center that dispatches the monorails and ferryboats to the Magic Kingdom (and Epcot, but who cares about that for now).  The monorail for Magic Kingdom was suspiciously down, so we took the ferryboat to the Magic Kingdom.  I don’t go on it very often, so even though it is kind of a drag missing the monorail, it wasn’t so bad.  Let me start off talking about this event by saying, it’s well worth the price of admission alone just to see all the fans dressed up in what can often times be some ellaborate costumes.  My favorites of the night were a man dressed like Chef Remy from Rat-a-Touile, and a family all dressed up like Star Wars characters.  Definitely some fun stuff to look at.

We arrived at the gates about 5, which is a bit early as the party starts at 6 PM, so we got our wristbands, maps, and candy bags, and headed for some pre-party rides on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.  Both had short lines, and both are always worth it.  Especially Splash, which has a fondness in my heart if for no other reason than I like Brier Rabbit and that scene where he hops alongside us for a bit.  After our rides on these classics, we headed back towards Main Street, where, at last the normal cheerful music of Liberty Square had dimmed, and in it’s place, a frightening voice known by no other name than the “Ghost Host” came on, declaring the beginning of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2013.  In other words, here is where the fun stuff kicks in.  

Naturally, my fun had to begin with collecting candy.  Disney does not cheap out on the candy, either.  A reported 220 tons was shipped to the Magic Kingdom for this event, and with how much I had collected before we left for the night, I believe every word of it.  I cracked a joke somewhere during the night that I bet they could “fill up the Rivers of America with all this candy they have” *pause for laughter*.  Aside from the candy trails, another signature must try for me was the soft serve Candy Corn ice cream.  Now, unfortunately, this is not candy corn flavored ice cream.  It’s actually orange and white colored vanilla ice cream with candy corn inside.  This doesn’t make it “bad” by any means though, quite the contrary.  The vanilla ice cream perfectly blended with the creamy taste of the candy corn for a delectable 3.49 treat.  Definitely obtained a thumbs up from myself, an amazing feat considering I typically hate it when “special treats” go the cheap route like that.

Other notable things are the “Boo-to-You Parade”, which has this catchy tune that, as horrible as it may be, never seems to leave your head the rest of the night.  Not only that, but the floats are pretty cool, even though some of them have to be recycled from other events and things.  I have my doubts the Splash Mountain themed float was created for Mickey’s Not So Scary, as much as I loved seeing Brier Rabbit walk alongside me (and, for that matter, hated seeing Brier Bear and Fox…those guys).  There’s also the “Hallowishes” firework show.  Again, the only thing that bothers me about these two events is that I’m almost positive most of the material is constantly recycled year after year.  It didn’t ruin my time cause I had never seen any of it before and I thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks, but for anyone whose been before, I’m sure that’s a major drag.  I especially enjoy, however, the halloween colored fireworks with the orange and the green.

Something that I know was definitely special to this years event was the introduction of the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington, to the party.  Him and Sally were doing Meet and Greets out front at Main Street all night, and seeing as how they’re first timers, I knew I had to get my picture with them.  My roommate agreed, so after Hallowishes, they were our first stop.  I’m not one to typically wait for greeting characters, but this time I made a special exception.  Jack told me all about Christmas, so that was nice.  Thanks Jack, you’re a swell guy.  After the meet and greet, my roommate and I finally broke down and started our Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game.  We had been dying to get into it ever since we discovered it before the program.  They gave us a special edition Hitchhiking Ghosts card, which is highly sought after, so that made me happy.  We played for a bit before we headed back to a few more Halloween events, including a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and Winnie the Pooh.  I had never been on Pooh, mostly because I’m angry it replaced Mr. Toad.  

After a few more rides, and getting candy inside the Tiki Room (which was odd, because they had the “Glee Club” and Jose and the gang all on and singing tunes, but it was like one long tune where they were in constant singing mode.  I don’t know how they were doing that, but it was kind of awesome to see, being the fan of the Tiki Room that I am.  I made sure to make a joke to several people about Jose “coming down to steal my candy”.  Which garnered little to no laughs but at least made me happy.  After a few more candy trails, including one in the extended queue to Splash Mountain, we popped by Main Street so I could buy event exclusive pins, and then we headed out to end the event.  Overall, the event was very solid.  I’ve been going to Halloween Horror Nights for almost a decade now so it’s difficult for anything to de-thrown that event, and Mickey didn’t do that.  But what this event did do was provide 6 hours of candy, short lines for rides, and Halloween inspired characters, so definitely a huge win considering the 40 dollar price tag.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’d do it every year, but I definitely wouldn’t be entirely opposed, especially when I can finally dress up myself.  Well, hope you enjoyed the spooky tale I have woven for you all, I look forward to talking to you all again soon.  Remember, that when spooks go bump in the night, there’s little left to do than keep Doin’ it Disney.  

Hi, Ho; Hi, Ho; It’s Off to Work I Go!

I can’t believe it took me this long to use a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs reference.  Hey guys, and welcome to another edition  of Doin’ it Disney.  I’d like to to take a brief moment to apologize for my rather long delay between posts.  I had a Tuesday off and then worked 7 full days until another day off.  That’s a lot of working.  Fortunately for me, I really enjoy my job at Great Movie Ride.  For the majority, the people are all welcoming and easy to get along with.  The jobs are all pretty entertaining and you don’t stay at one position for any longer than an hour or so.  Well, everything is entertaining except for FastPass+ Entry.  With that position, the majority of the people you talk to are people who are sorely confused about where the regular standby entrance is to the attraction.  So you spend most of the time there standing and telling people “The regular entrance is towards the left underneath the green pagoda”.  Part of me is fine because it’s fun to say the word pagoda, but saying the same thing over and over again can become a bit tedious.  Remember folks, the definition of insanity is “Repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.  No, but I joke, it’s tolerable to do when you’re only doing it for half an hour before rotating somewhere else.  It’s definitely not like my last job in a kitchen where you did the same thing for 6 hours at a time.

But anyway, during these last 7 days on the job, there have been a few interesting stories, I figured instead of recapping the days each in their entirety, I’d spare you the boring details about my work life and condense it into whatever interesting stories I may have.  Most of which that I can recall came from yesterday, oddly enough.  I’ve had plenty of great guest reactions and experiences with the guests, just none of which are extremely note worthy enough to either remember or mention here in the blog.  So let’s get on to the tales from yesterdays quite interesting day.

So yesterday we had not one, but two EVACS: which are evacuations using theme park lingo (Or Disney lingo, at least).  The first one came from earlier in the day before I actually arrived to work.  Apparently some of the vehicles had been emitting some sort of toxic fume, which smelled a whole lot like that scent you get when you stick a Sharpie up your nose.  Not to say that I engage in the act of sticking Sharpies up my nose, but I digress.  So we had to evacuate for awhile until we could find the source of the fumes and ensure guest safety wasn’t adhered as a result.  Fortunately, it was just as a result of a strong adhesive glue that was being used inside the mechanics of the vehicle.  I’m sure it doesn’t help much that the mechanics for this system are largely a by-product of late 80’s engineering.  Anyhow, we opened up for guests around the same time I clocked in for work, so I didn’t get in on the fun.  That is, until later on in the day.

Another interesting thing to note, I had my first handpack today.  Since most of you are largely unaware, and by most I mean all of you, handpacking is the action taken when a ride vehicle or show scene at Great Movie Ride goes down and the driver cannot proceed through the ride.  The driver must then use a device called a handpack to warn that he or she has gone down and that assistance is needed in a particular scene.  I had that issue in our finale, the car refused to move and E-stopped itself.  I attempted to reset it but couldn’t so.  Then I spent the next 5 minutes or so talking to guests and entertaining them, until a coordinator came in and reset the vehicle for me.  Turns out I had handpacked alright, but I forgot to turn on the handpack itself so the warning wasn’t received to the coordinators.  They had no idea until someone reported that a vehicle hadn’t reported back to the unload on time.  Be glad I share this embarrassing story with you, my blog readers and enthusiasts of my life. 

So just when it seems like the ride could do no more wrong, terror strikes again.  All of a sudden, another handpack is alerted from the Alien scene.  Apparently this time, a vehicle has refused to move and the motor has busted, meaning that the vehicle has to be pulled and the ride has to be evacuated…AGAIN.  So for another two hours out of the night, the ride is closed again, with no word on when the ride will be reopening.  I helped a lot of people exit because for some reason, even the doors didn’t want to let people out.  It was a pretty big mess overall.  I issued out apologizes and Mickey stickers, and reported out front with the rest to inform guests about the news.  Actually, I took this time to practice my fake technical difficulties spiel.  I told most people the alien escaped from the Alien scene and started slobbering on guests, and now Sigourney Weaver is attempting to capture the alien.  I like to have fun , I guess you could say.  Anyway, two hours later, I’m back on vehicle through a dead show testing things out and securing that the ride can be operated again for guests.  It turns out that it can, and we resume the rest of the night open.  Still, it seemed like we were closed more than we were open last night.

Fortunately, most people weren’t angry.  I guess it’s one of those days you’re glad you work at a more low-key ride as opposed to a Tower of Terror or Toy Story Midway Mania.  I don’t even want to know the backlash those people witness when the rides go down.  I’m thinking pitchforks and flames are constructed and used to threaten.  So work yesterday was crazy, to say the least.  But, now it’s time for a day off.  A long awaited day off, where I can kick, back relax, and….GO TO MICKEY’S NOT SO SCARY!  THAT’S RIGHT, I’m going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in September.  don’t judge me, cause you all know you wish you could do the same.  I’m sure I’ll have stories to tell and lies to weave…I mean, interesting tales in which to spin.  Until then, thanks for reading and thank you even more for being patient during these trying times.  Keep on doing you, and keep on Doin’ it Disney.

Day 23: Great Movie Ridin’

Hello, one and all, and welcome to another fantastic, amazing edition of Doin’ it Disney.  Minus the fantastic or amazing, and pretty much minus the blog.  No I kid, enjoy the read, guys. 

Day 23 marked my return to work after a plethora of days off.  It was just a basic 6 hour shift, no biggy.  I was fortunate enough to get to do a lot of shows on this day, which I very much so enjoy doing.  Several times I was able to show the little kids the “Junior Tour Guide” jacket.  I absolutely love using this jacket as a way of creating Magical Moment’s for families.  At the end of the day, it’s all about the children, so to get them involved in any way possible is truly an awesome thing.  A few co-worker’s even staged an awesome-tacular (Yeah, I created a new word for it) hula hoop competition out front.  Twas’ truly a magical day for one and all.  It was an enjoyable day at work, and I even met a few new people on the bus ride home.  Wish I had more to talk about, but it was work after all.  One thing worth noting, The Great Movie Ride is an extremely creepy attraction when the work lights come on and the audio is muted.  Scariest scene when that happens isn’t even Alien: it’s the munchins in the Wizard of Oz scene.  I shutter at the thought of those devilish souls surrounding my vehicle.

Day 24, though, I’m gonna set out to find some more amazing stories to tell as I attempt to creating even more magical moments.  I’ll definitely be getting back to you guys on that one.  I’m also applying to be cross-trained, so impending details on that adventure are bound to arrive.  Thank you readers and fellow bloggers, and anyone who didn’t fit into those two categories.  Oh, and always remember, when you’ve got the blues, always keep on Doin’ it Disney.


New Blog Coming Soon: “Dis or That!”

Hey guys, if you enjoy reading my intensely hilarious blog posts on Doin’ it Disney, then you’re going to love what happens when my friend Shelby and I debate on different Disney topics, including: Dinosaur vs. Everest, Dole Whips vs. Mickey Bars, Hollywood Studios vs. Universal Studios, and much, much more!  She has a major in writing, and I…well, I am mediocre at best!  HOWEVER, I like to argue, so feel free to come visit us when the “Dis or That” blog premieres this week! 

Day 19, 20, 21, and 22: It’s a Day-a-Palooza!

Day, day, day, day, day! Welcome to the Day-a-Palooza. It’s a blog post unlike any other! We got fun days, boring days, happy days, happier days! We got any kind of day you could possibly be looking for here at the Day-a-Palooza! In other words, welcome to another edition of Doin’ it Disney. I have some catching up to do for all you beautiful people, so hows about we cut to the chase and get to it, shall we?

Day 19: Manly Epcot Trip for the Manliest of Men

On Day 19, my friend Sean and I went to Epcot for the day to play in the parks for awhile. What’s funny is I had originally intended on going to the park by myself, I had no idea that Sean was going to end up meeting me. I got to the bus stop all prepared to go to Epcot all by little lonesome self, when low and behold my friend Sean is sitting on the bench at the bus stop. Naturally I run up to the guy to join him with the sitting and the conversating, when he informs me that, he is also going to Epcot. “It’s a small world after all!” (pun intended), I told him. So him and I hopped aboard the Transtar bus and headed to Epcot. I’ll always love Epcot, even though in its current state it is a shell of its former self. Or a ball of its former self (Spaceship Earth reference). Anyway, him and I ended up meeting with my friend Steve, and all three us had a bro-tacular afternoon at the park. We rode Test Track through the crafty single riders line, we went into the Land and road Livin’ with the Land, a personal guilty pleasure of mine. Though with constant 0 minute waits, the existance of FastPass machines sort of throws me off. We also went on the craptastic Journey into Imagination. sorry, I mean, we went on Journey into Imagination, and a few other attractions before my friend Sean went bye bye with his friend who’d just got off work, leaving Steve and I to continue the day as two. Together the two of us roamed through Innoventions, which is actually quiet a nice area. Then Steve and I checked out Sum of All Thrills, which is a simulator that allows you to create and ride your own rollercoaster. Our’s was called the “Supersonic Screamer”. Has a certain ring to it, I must say. I ended up meeting a family in the line for Soarin’ who were Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holders, so we hung out with them for awhile. They actually tailgate right by where my Dad and I do. It was awesome to talk to them. Anyhow, Steve and I rode a few other things (including Spaceship Earth in Chinese cause that’s how cool we are), and proceeded to call it a day.

Day 20: Second Official Day of Work

Day 20 marked my second official day as an employee at The Great Movie ride. I worked at 4, so naturally, I slept in for longer than I should have and to went to bed the night before even later than I should have. Work was great though. My memorable story this day came from one of my live shows I did. I had a little boy who I noticed knew a lot about the ride as I was giving my spiel during one of my tours. He couldn’t have been any older than 5 or so. I was amazed at how much he knew about the ride as, like I said, he was young. So I proceeded to make a lot of little off-script jokes to him in between my spiel (one included me telling him in the gangster scene “Man, I really hate this part of town. It’s the reason I glue my pockets shut.”), and he really enjoyed those. He tried naming the movies at the finale video, which I was very impressed by. After the show, I asked him and his mom to stick around. Then I went into the back and grabbed this little tiny grey blazer we have that we at the Movie Ride call the “Junior Tour Guide” blazer. It’s big enough to fit a small child, and I knew this little boy would love it. I let him try it on, and he was so happy. His mom thanked me immensely and said this was his favorite ride and he wants to be like me when he grows up. Nearly brought a tear to my eye. I was so glad to make that little boys day. And that, my friends, is what working at Disney is all about.

Day 21: All Alone!

Day 21 marked my first day off. I was excited to do something fun with one of my friends, but…whoops. Seems like everyone had to work on Monday. I couldn’t find anyone to go to the parks with. So with an empty apartment and an emptier heart, I decided today was going to be a day alone, and I got into my Grand Marquis and headed to Universal Orlando. Many may not know this, but I spent my entire young life at these parks. I love Universal, and while Disney may be intimidating to someone trying to go alone, Universal is like second home. I actually had quite the good time by myself. I did alot of gift shop looking, popped into Transformers for a ride, sat down and watched the Horror Make Up show, checked out the props being set up for this years Halloween Horror Nights, and even snuck into Islands of Adventure right before closing for a last minute shower in Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls. Not to mention I ate my first Krusty Burger in the Springfield area at Universal. It was really good. They top it with a cheese sauce and something that tasted like a spicy mayo called their “secret sauce”. It was super enjoyable. Let me take this chance to go a bit off topic and say that Universal Orlando is seriously getting their act together. They have a ways to go before they catch up to Disney, but they’re well on their way. After Universal, I did me some grocery shopping at Publix. Cause honestly, the busy Wal-Mart near International is a super no go for me. I can’t even meander myself through that place, let alone wheel a shopping cart of stuff through it. After shopping, I headed back to the apartment for a quick workout, then caught me some shut eye.

Day 22: Blizzard Beach and Babes!

Let me go on record of saying there weren’t actually any babes for my friend Steve and I. I was just trying to find another word that started with a B and rolled well off the tongue. Okay so anyway, today I took my first trip to Blizzard Beach. Let me say, it was super enjoyable. It was a hot and humid day of Florida weather, so the pools and water slides were well worth it. This place is worth it alone for the water slides they have. They’re all insanely fast moving and very fun to do. I love the Christmas theme this place has going too, it’s really fun and a nice change of pace from most usual water parks. The only thing I didn’t get was the selling of funnel cakes. I mean, I don’t go to water parks looking to buy a funnel cake. Maybe an amusement park, but that’s about it. Anyway, after about 4 hours or so of fun, looking at cute girls, and enjoying what this place had to offer, Steve and I headed back and then I came back to my apartment for some Fantasy Football, food, and…insert third word that begin’s with an F here. Very fun way to end my span of three days off in a four day period. Now it’s time to go back to the grinder. Though honestly I don’t consider it a grinder, cause I love my job. Anywho, thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed my catch up of all these days here, and remember that you gotta be Doin’ it Disney.

DiD Tip 5: Stay Optimistic on This Program

Guys, I can’t stress this one enough.  No matter what you do, no matter who you may come across, and regardless of how many angry parents demand you replace the Mickey Bar their child dropped on the ground even though you didn’t see it happen, always remember to stay positive if you choose to do this program.  Yes, we may seem underpaid; and yes, we may overworked at times, but at the end of the day this is a paid internship that you were specially chosen to be a part of.  No one is forcing anyone to do this work, and going home is ALWAYS an option.  But spending 6 months allowing yourself to be miserable when you don’t have to be is ridiculous.

This goes for every position too, cause I’ve heard them all complaining.  Be it a character attendant complaining about their character always running off and leaving them, someone in food and beverage complaining they’re always sweating, or a custodial who complains about…well, doing nothing.  Regardless, none of these jobs are necessarily going to be easy.  But at the end of the day, you will reap the benefits of that Disney name attached to your resume.  Not only that, but we all have a chance to make a child’s day, or a family’s vacation, all by remaining optimistic and giving each and every customer you come across the utmost respect and attention. 

And no guys, I was not paid to be this optimistic.  I just realize what a great opportunity this is for all of us who are accepted into the program.  Complain all you want though, but keep in mind…old people complain about society on a daily basis, but does that complaining ever get things to change?  Have a nice day readers, and remember that when life gets you down, always keep on Doin’ it Disney.

Day 16, 17, and 18: Hooray for Handprint and Fun with Friends!

Hello fellow Disney fans, and welcome to another edition of my fantabulous blog. The last few days have, yet again, been busy ones. I had my assessment on Day 16 for Great Movie Ride. It all went really well. I aced my live shows, I aced my track walk, and I aced my written assignment. It was all a matter of getting the hang of our two loading positions: Casting Director and ADB (Assistant Director for B Vehicle). I was struggling a little bit on those two positions, so we regrouped and decided to give me one last day of training. After my first day of assessing I headed off to the Magic Kingdom, where I conveniently met one of my friends on Main Street and we got some good old fashioned rides in on the People Mover and Space Mountain. Magic Kingdom closed at 9 though, so our fun was unfortunately cut short. That’s okay though, I spend every day in the parks to some capacity anyway.

Day 17 marked my last day of assessment. I came in a little earlier than expected at 3, but even though Kyle loves him his sleep, it was a task that had to be completed. I sprung out of bed…no I didn’t spring actually, I crawled….and got dressed for the second assessment day. My trainer who had trained me the entire training time went to California for a Disneyland adventure (which I’m still super jealous about, by the way) and so I was assessed by the trainer of my fellow trainee friend who trained alongside me. I could see why she liked him as he was very good at assessing me. I did some time at both the positions I was struggling at, was told that I was definitely improving but still flawed, and was officially granted access to my final paperwork and official handprint on the…um…Great Movie Ride hall of handprints. I don’t know if that is actually its name, but you guys get it. It’s a long hallway where people who pass assessment put their handprints in paint to officially declare them a GMR employee. How exciting, guys! Anyway, I picked blue for my handprint color, dabbed it all over my hand, and went to town on that wall. Well, not really, I placed my hand on it and left a handprint. So I didn’t really go to town on it per say, but it WAS eventful.

After I cleaned up my mess I had made on my hand (I looked like I was trying to paint myself to be a member of the Blue Man Group), I prepared for my other work shift of being crowd control for a private convention. The company was New York Life, and they bought out Hollywood Studios for the night. Let me tell you, they went all out for their employees. Full buffets, alcohol at every possible corner, a 20 minute firework show. New York Life was not messing around. Never mind the fact I heard a figure that it cost them 10,000 dollars to operate each attraction per hour. So, roughly about 50,000 to operate each ride for the night. Yeah, they weren’t messing around. Our job was crowd control, so essentially…standing there and directing people/talking to people. We got paid to talk to people, and to watch fireworks. To put it this way, I had an absolute blast. Definitely a great night at work, I’d have to say. I even hit overtime, so fun times for sure.

Day 18 was my first day off the week. So naturally, it was time to the hit up the parks. Little did I know my friend Shelby that went to the Magic Kingdom with me on the night of Day 16 was also off. That meant it was time for some playing at the parks. This day was to mark the day of my first official visit to Animal Kingdom…EVER. I know, it’s shocking, I’m a huge theme park fan, and had never been to Animal Kingdom. To say I was excited would be a bit of an understatement. We got in about noon after a bit of an issue with our Disney I.D. (They’re doing something new for our main gate passes, so they’re voiding entry into the park with just the employee I.D., and headed into the parks. First ride was Expedition Everest. I have to say, this ride is a real great time. The backwards section is dark, and I swear it goes through a corkscrew even though it doesn’t. We sat in the back row, so that backwards drop was intense to say the least. Definitely a super enjoyable ride and I’m glad I got to experience it finally. Though I wish they’d fix Disco Yeti. After Everest it was time for the second most anticipated ride for myself, Dinosaur. This is one heck of a dark ride. It blows Jurassic Park River Adventure out of the water, and I’m a huge Universal fan so that’s saying something for me. Very enjoyable ride, and I was even on the far left for a nice encounter with the Carnotaurus. Other rides we did included Primeval Whirl, which I think is underrated. Definitely a fun little mouse coaster for what it is. I also think Dinoland U.S.A. is underrated. It looks cheap sure, but that’s the whole idea…it’s a cheap carnival bought by an old family who made money from a dinosaur fossil. Makes complete sense, though I can see why some people have disdain for the area. We also did the Safari’s, which was cool, and Finding Nemo: The Musical, which I enjoyed for what it is. After Nemo, we rode Everest and Dinosaur again, looked at some animals, then headed back home. It was around this time that my roommate came back, so when he returned from seeing his family, it was time for us to go pin shopping for our newly obtained Halloween lanyard.

First we hit up Downtown Disney looking for pins, then the Magic Kingdom via a bus to the Contemporary. We snuck in a ride on Space Mountain cause…that’s how we roll, then we capped off the night with a ride on the Haunted Mansion. That ride is really creepy when it’s the last ride of the night for some reason. After HM, we went shopping for our Halloween pins, settled on the ones we wanted, then headed back to the apartment to call it a night. Very eventful three days, I told you guys. And this is only our third week here. Look for even more adventures to take place, as my friends and I continue Doin’ it Disney.

A Doin’ it Disney Public Service Announcement

This is a brief message to thank you all who have been reading my blog so far.  Though I can’t think of why on Earth people would want to read anything I have to say, it’s still nice to be able to entertain people.  Though my last job as dressing like a Scottish man carrying bag-pipes entertained a lot of people too.  Anyhow, thank you all for bearing with me, I look forward to many more mildly entertaining and even more mildly informative blog posts, and I will see you all where one can be Doin’ it Disney.

Day 14 and 15: More Training, More Training, and the first trip to Epcot!

Welcome aboard, at this time I’d like to ask everyone to please remain seated throughout the show, and please keep your arms and….whoops, sorry, I’m in Great Movie Ride mode.  What I meant to say was, welcome to another blog of Doin’ it Disney.  The last few days of my Program have pretty much been more working and training on the Movie Ride.  My training is ALMOST done, and has been going pretty well so far.  I’m definitely getting the hang of being a Movie Ride Tour Guide, as things are becoming more natural.  Well, I’ll never get used to those creepy animatronics in Alien, but other than THAT I’m ready.

Anyway, like I said, Training has been going well.  I’ve been doing live shows and going over my information for my upcoming assessment day.  I have no doubt I will do well (or, well enough to pass atleast).  It’s kind of difficult to blog about this kind of stuff case I can’t really get too much into training in any specific detail, but it can definitely be stressful.  After all, this isn’t just a 6 month vacation, regardless of what people from Vista Way may try and tell you all the while convincing themselves of, that is until their termination from the program for missing too many days of work (or, like the story I heard, cursing out a security guard).  Anyhow, after training, I headed back to the apartment and contemplated on how to finish out the day.  It’s one of those things where tiredness hits in, yet that Disney I.D. keeps staring at you screaming “Go the parks!  GO TO THE PARKS!”.  Naturally, I listened to the cries of the Disney I.D. and made the lonely journey to Epcot all by myself.  I’m not huge on going to the parks all alone, but the way I saw it, I hadn’t been to Epcot once during my first three weeks of the program, and that was really not okay for me.  So I headed aboard a busy bus of people who had just came back from work at Epcot, and endured the 40 minute bus ride en route to the magical, and apparently hard to get to from backstage, Epcot front entrance.  While there, I met some people on the bus, and we hung out briefly.  They were all in a group though so I was getting one of those “Hey, you’re tagging along, and that’s cool, but we’re not including you as a part of our group so you’re still essentially going to feel like you’re alone only tagging along with people” kind of vibes, so I let them on their way after a ride on Mission: Space, and a pretty good ride at that.       

After departing the random bus peoples, I gave my wonderful girlfriend a call and talked to her about the sights and sounds of Epcot a bit before deciding to meet my friend who had just got off work at Innoventions.  I met her up at the currently incapacitated Spaceship Earth (Though I have NO idea why it was closed) and her and I made a dash towards the last attraction of the night.  Seeing as how almost every ride at Epcot closes hours before closing time, we opted for the 10 minute wait on Soarin’, a ride that you rarely ever see with that sort of wait.  We got the middle row and that was a solid ride through, though in all honesty the ride film and screen could use a redo.  Anyway, my friend and I, whose also a huge 80’s Epcot fan like myself, snooped around for a bit around Epcot, even peering into where the old Epcot 25th anniversary stuff still is in Innoventions, and then we headed out to call it a day.  Tomorrow is my assessment day, so I’m looking forward to that, and shall update you fine folks on the progress.  Until then keep on doin’ it real, don’ it great, and Doin’ it Disney.